Development documentation


All contributions to this project are welcome. Developers planning to contribute should follow the Contribution Guidelines

Project build

The project is managed using npm.

For a list of available task, type

npm run

The following sections show the available options in detail.


Mocha Test Runner + Should.js Assertion Library.

The test environment is preconfigured to run BDD testing style.

Module mocking during testing can be done with proxyquire

To run tests, type

npm test

Coding guidelines


Uses provided .jshintrc flag file. To check source code style, type

npm run lint

Continuous testing

Support for continuous testing by modifying a src file or a test. For continuous testing, type

npm run test:watch

If you want to continuously check also source code style, use instead:

npm run watch

Code Coverage


Analyze the code coverage of your tests.

To generate an HTML coverage report under site/coverage/ and to print out a summary, type

# Use git-bash on Windows
npm run test:coverage


Removes node_modules and coverage folders, and package-lock.json file so that a fresh copy of the project is restored.

# Use git-bash on Windows
npm run clean

Documentation Markdown validation

Checks the markdown documentation for consistency

# Use git-bash on Windows
npm run lint:md

Documentation Spell-checking

Checks the markdown documentation for spelling and grammar errors, dead links & etc.

# Use git-bash on Windows
npm run lint:text